Planting trees on your property is not only good for the environment and air quality but also plays a vital role in enhancing your property’s curb appeal and increasing its market value. At EcoStar Remodeling & Construction, we’ve helped numerous homeowners create an elegant and eye-catching garden design in the most budget and time-friendly manner. So if you’re looking for landscaping design ideas, you can rely on our team of certified professionals to deliver the best results.

Landscaping Ideas That Always Work

There is no science behind landscaping ideas and what does and doesn’t work. Garden design is all about aesthetic appeal and your personal style and preferences. However, like any other element in your house, your front lawn or backyard should follow the same theme your exterior does. For example, if you have a Victorian house, you should consider landscaping ideas that match the architecture. Let’s take a look at some garden design ideas that almost always work:

1. Adding Colors

If you’re thinking about booking landscaping services, you can talk to the contractor about ways you can add colors to your garden without going overboard. Having plants with two or three contrasting colors, for example, is a great way to start. However, adding too many colors might shift the focus from your home to your unnecessarily busy garden. Additionally, planting budget-friendly trees is as important as creating color themes.

When you’re picking your plants and trees, remember to go for the ones that will work best in your city’s climate and the soil. Picking a rare and expensive plant will not do you any good, especially if it’s not suited for your area. It’s best to research different types of trees and plants before making a final decision.

2. Interactive Elements

If your backyard is big enough to add interactive elements, you should always consider this option. Things such as a water fountain, an outdoor kitchen, or a sports course will make your home a perfect place for intimate outdoor parties. Some interactive elements, such as a horseshoe pit, don’t take much space, and they are great for outdoor activities with family or friends.

You can also add benches or other seating arrangements to the garden to increase its curb appeal and value further. However, it’s best to remember not to make the garden design too complicated. Remember to keep it simple and sophisticated while focusing on a few larger elements.

Landscaping Ideas

3. Lighting and Fixtures

Adequate lighting is essential, especially during the evenings, to make your home stand out and make your garden the talk of the town. You can talk to a landscaping contractor to ask them how to make your landscape more luminous with lighting fixtures.

Additionally, it would be best to focus on garden décor and other fixtures to bring your style and preference into the design. Websites, such as Pinterest, are great for searching for landscaping ideas and using the ones you best resonate with for inspiration.

4. Keeping Things Prim and Proper

If you have a great garden design but haven’t maintained it with regular landscaping services, you’re missing the opportunity of attracting better buyers. So, keeping everything neat should be a factor you always give importance to. Overgrown plants and shrubs and a poorly maintained garden can do more damage to your property than you think.

Landscaping Contractors

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