Paint carries a lot of weight in terms of style, design, and setting the tone for a room. The wrong color can throw off a room’s purpose to the point that it motivates you less or gives you the wrong emotions. For example, yellow in a bedroom is a great way to motivate you in the mornings, but unwinding with such a color is a lot more difficult.

When it comes to your kitchen, you need the perfect paint color to motivate you while performing tasks while also feeling welcoming. You can even choose paint colors that make the space feel larger or more comforting, so cooking isn’t as much of a hassle.

With that said, here are the five perfect paint colors for your kitchen:

1. White

White Kitchen

White is a great color for any room in your house, but it is especially true for the kitchen! When stepping into the kitchen in the morning, you’ll feel energized and motivated by the fresh and clean look.

A white kitchen also gives you greater options when it comes to countertops, backsplashes, and cabinets—pair unique colors and styles with your white walls and ceiling. Doing so will help you make your kitchen your own. Select brighter colors for these elements to really make your kitchen pop.

2. Gray

Gray Kitchen

Gray is often overlooked as a kitchen color or interior home color because of its capabilities of making a room feel cold. However, we believe the gith shade of gray can create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Similar to white, gray goes really well with other colors. If you choose to use it for your kitchen walls and ceilings, consider a complementary color for the backsplash and countertops. Gray will also do wonders as your cabinet or countertop color as well!

3. Blue

Blue Kitchen

Blue requires the right type of navigation in order to be successful in a kitchen. If you choose poorly, the color may be too bright or dark. Many colors pair well with blue, so choosing the right shade is a must. A blue kitchen is best when the color is used sparingly.

Pair your blue kitchen with complementary accent colors like gray and white. Regardless of the colors, ensure they are natural tones and don’t go overboard. Blue works well for kitchen cabinets as well. Consider pairing white walls with blue cabinets for a stunning kitchen.

4. Green

Green Kitchen

Almost any shade of green is perfect for your kitchen. It pairs really well with this space because it pairs nicely with wood accents. So, you can lean into more natural-looking cabinets and surfaces when it comes to choosing green. Instead of a primary color, use green to compliment another color for added energy.

If you are feeling adventurous, consider a different shade of green that you may not often find in a kitchen. Be sure to use it correctly in order to get the most out of your green kitchen paint.

5. Yellow

Yellow Kitchen

If you want to infuse your kitchen with energy, yellow is the best way to achieve that. You can instantly brighten your kitchen with yellow accents or as a primary color. It not only adds energy to the room but has a way of calming people—especially a soft yellow.

Yellow is one of the colors that can make a space feel larger. If you have a small or cramped kitchen, use yellow to give the essence that it’s largest than what it really is. This can make your time in the kitchen feel better and improve your mood while cooking a meal. Yellow is best paired with gray and white.

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