Home remodeling is a perfect way to replace your kitchen tiles and put a modern touch to your kitchen without meddling with any other room element.  Depending on your style preferences and budget, there are many options of tiles to choose from. However, we’re here to discuss only the most popular options that have become a favorite amongst our clients.

Popular Kitchen Tiles

At EcoStar Remodeling & Construction, we’ve been helping thousands of customers with their home and commercial remodeling needs. With every client’s unique design needs and budget, we’ve come across several types of tiles. Let’s take a look at the popular tiles that will be perfect for your kitchen flooring:

1. Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are relatively pocket-friendly and extremely durable. In addition to the availability of several design options, ceramic tiles are also less likely to damage if you drop something in your kitchen. This type of kitchen tile is water and stain-resistant, and glazing them drastically increases their lifespan.

However, if your home is on the upper stories, you should avoid using ceramic tiles. The weight of these tiles can make it difficult for the structure to hold them. So, only consider ceramic tiles if you’re on the ground floor.

2. Porcelain Tiles

Although more expensive than ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles provide an added protection against water and stains. Even if your porcelain tiles are damaged, you can easily replace the damaged part without replacing the whole flooring.

In addition, cleaning porcelain tiles is also extremely easy; you will only need to mop the floor once, and you’re good to go. The installation cost of these kitchen tiles can be high due to the weight, and you should also avoid installing them if you live on the upper floors.

3. Travertine Tiles

Travertine tiles are a type of limestone that can add more earthy tones to your kitchen. These tiles will especially look great if you have adequate natural light in your kitchen. Because they are used in their natural form, each tile will have a unique design on them.

Travertine tiles are more pocket-friendly than porcelain tiles. However, maintaining them can be difficult. You’ll need to refresh their sealant regularly to protect them against water. Travertine will be a great addition during kitchen remodeling if you’re on the lookout for an eco-friendly option.

Travertine Kitchen Tiles

4. Slate Tiles

Slate tiles are one of the most expensive tiles in the market. However, they add a contemporary touch to the kitchen design. These tiles are also water, stain, and crack resistant. However, you will be required to add a sealant to improve the tiles’ lifespan.

In addition to their decades-long lifespan, slate tiles can also increase your property value. So, you can expect a great ROI after installing these tiles. Because slate is a natural stone, every slate design is different. So, expect your kitchen tiles to become the talk of the town after the remodeling process.

5. Marble Tiles

Like slate tiles, marble tiles can also burn a hole in your pocket. However, their luxurious design and choices in colors make up for their high price. Marble tiles are a popular choice amongst those homeowners who want their kitchen flooring to match their chic design choices.

Maintaining marble tiles can be difficult; in addition, they are very slippery. So, you’ll need to be careful while working on marble tiles. Since they can easily get scratches and stains, you’ll need to maintain them regularly.

Concluding Thoughts

These are only five of the most popular kitchen tiles. In the end, it will come down to your style preferences and budget. However, we would advise conducting thorough research before settling for a kitchen flooring option. If you want to know more about our kitchen remodeling services, contact us now!