Bathroom Remodeling in Allen

Bathroom Remodeling in Allen

Today’s bathrooms are reminiscent of exquisite spa resorts. You no longer need to visit luxurious resorts to enjoy a relaxing day in the spa. You can simply transform your bathroom into a contemporary spa by adding a few essentials. EcoStar Remodeling & Construction – Bathroom Remodeling Contractors offers high-quality bathroom remodeling in Allen, Texas.

We pair all the essential elements of modern spas to reinvent your bathroom. From glass doors, huge mirrors, and intimate lighting to marble counters with sleek edges, we add both natural and artificial elements to make the time spend in the bathroom rejuvenating for you.

If you’re considering bathroom remodeling in Allen, tell our team about the ideas you have in mind, and we’ll transform your current bathroom into an exquisite spa-like bathroom within the space you have.

Majestic Tubs

An ideal bathroom is incomplete without a deep bathtub boasting a wonderful silhouette. From whirlpool bathtubs to simple curvaceous ones, we’ll install the perfect bathtub for you according to your need and space so you can indulge in a therapeutic bath with sea salts to get rid of all your worries! Trust in us to install the highest quality bathtubs with a strong base to ensure their long life.

Finest Vanities

A vanity should be both functional and beautiful enough to accommodate you with your self-care rituals. We, Bathroom Remodeling Contractors offer modern vanities with straight edges, high gloss finishes, and sleek cuts that make it look minimalistic. It would perfectly fit in your space and align with the entire palette of your bathroom. We also install all kinds of mirrors and lighting with your vanity to aid you with your skincare routines and offer maximum light that makes your bathroom look more spacious.

Bathroom remodeling in allen

Glassdoor Showers

Glassdoor showers are all the hype in modern bathrooms. A fully functional shower area enclosed within a gleaming glass is the most attractive point in your bathroom. Although not all bathrooms are spacious enough for a secluded shower area, we can effectively fulfill your dream of a glass-door shower within the limited space of your bathroom.

Our bathroom remodeling in Allen starts with an inspection of your bathroom area for measurements to buy all the materials and design a layout that fits all the essential elements.

Functional Storage Spaces

From towel storage stands to cabinets to hold all your toiletries, an ideal bathroom should have ample storage to store all your essentials. We take into account your space and install storage cabinets, standing shelves, and vanity drawers to ensure that there are enough places for you to store everything you need without making it look cluttered.

Marble and Natural Stone

Our bathroom remodeling services in Allen also involve adding natural elements to your bathroom to give it that ideal spa-like look. Whether you want a natural stone in your bathroom or artificial marble, we choose only the highest quality material that would last you for years to come. Earthy-toned natural stones work best to elevate your bathroom’s appearance.

Local Professionals

If you are considering a remodeling of your bathroom, give us a call at 214-612-5331 to discuss your remodeling needs. We’ll help you design and execute the modern bathroom of your dreams within your desired budget and timeframe.